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Hijacked to a to strange world. Forced to fight for your life. Discover the secrets of the Arbitrators and find your way back home!

Barbearian is a fast-paced hack'n'slash with massive battles in a colorful, hand-drawn world.


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Release Date:

Summer 2018


Windows (Steam)

iOS App Store (Universal)



Kimmo Lahtinen / @gimblll - Design / Code / Art

Kimmo is a veteran game developer whose credits include indie games such as Trigonarium and Drift'n'Drive as well as console games such as Resogun, Outland and Dead Nation.

Tommi Lahtinen / @tommybaynen - Music

Tommi is an electronic music producer whose tracks have been played worldwide by the likes of Above and Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin and Paul van Dyk.