Hello there! I'm Kimmo Lahtinen (gimblll) (Email / Twitter / LinkedIn).

I'm currently working as an independent game developer. This is my portfolio where I've gathered a sampling of my past work.

Personal Projects - Professional Work - Game Jams

Personal Projects

A selection of personal projects done over the years. All work by me, unless otherwise stated.

Barbearian (2018) (Trailer / Windows / iOS+AppleTV / Switch)

An action game that draws inspiration from classics of arcade gaming. Barbearian is a fast paced hack'n'slash with massive battles and a colorful handdrawn world.

Music by Tommi Lahtinen

Voxel Cities (2017) (Images)

A voxel art project with custom procedural generators, continued whenever inspiration strikes.

Trigonarium (2015) (Trailer / Windows / iOS & AppleTV)

A hardcore twin-stick shooter.

Music by Tommi Lahtinen

Drift'n'Drive (2014) (Trailer / iOS)

A vertically scrolling top-down racing game with a lot of challenge and replayability.

Music by Tommi Lahtinen

NX 647 (2014) (Trailer / iPad - not available currently)

A particle based 3D game with touch control gameplay.

Music by Tommi Lahtinen

Sphaeracore (2014) (Video)

An imagined futuristic sales presentation done as an After Effect learning exercise.

Cosmic Mechanic (2013) (Trailer / iPad)

A physics game about building vehicles and driving them through difficult landscapes.

Music and sfx by Tommi Lahtinen

Puzzle Bonsai (2012) (Trailer / iOS / Flash)

A puzzle game where you try to figure out the equation tree that would combine to the wanted end result.

Music and sfx by Tommi Lahtinen

Pvt. Littledude vs Robot Armada (2011) (Trailer / Flash)

A shoot'em up where you try to defeat waves of evil robots with random weapon pickups.

Music and sfx by Tommi Lahtinen

Fitting Pieces (2009) (Trailer / Flash)

A puzzle game about fitting a set of Tetris-like blocks into the given shape.

Music and sfx by Tommi Lahtinen

Smilers (1999) (Windows)

A two player co-op game based on Boulder Dash

Art by Pekka Palmu
Music and sfx by Tommi Lahtinen

Professional Work

I worked for Housemarque from 2001 to 2014. During my time there I was involved in many various roles from engine and tool work to gameplay and design. Selection of the more interesting works follows.

Resogun (2013) (Trailer / PS4)

A vertically scrolling twin stick shooter played on a cylinder, in the form of old time classics like Defender.

Worked on "hero" particle effects, voxel systems, tools, optimization, etc.

Outland (2011) (Trailer / PS3 / Xbox 360)

A metroidvania platformer with Ikaruga style bullet avoidance and beautiful hand drawn graphics.

Worked as lead programmer.

Dead Nation (2010) (Trailer / PS3)

A twin stick zombie shooter from a top down viewpoint.

Worked on tools, physics, menus, camera, etc.

Super Stardust Portable (2008) (Trailer / PSP)

A PSP version of Super Stardust PS3.

Worked as lead programmer.

Golf: Tee it Up (2008) (Trailer / Xbox 360)

An arcade golf game with customizable characters and online gameplay modes.

Worked on engine, menus, networking, gameplay etc.

Trader (prototype) (~2004) (Prototype footage / PS2)

A PS2 prototype that never got a publisher

Worked on gameplay, physics, tools, etc.

Furry Dragons (prototype) (~2002) (Prototype footage / Xbox)

An Xbox prototype that never got a publisher

Worked on gameplay, tools, etc.

Game Jams

Various short form games I have finished for game jams.